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No worries about Computer maintenance

If you're worried about computers maintenance, Software, Network & Security Bootestech had come up with Annual maintenance concept which will surely help to resolve your computer maintenance related problems.

Being an electronic product every computer needs timely service to function properly. Most of the valuable data are present on your computer, So preventive measure save from risk bearing. With the help of Annual maintenance contract services, it is possible to predict and identify parts which are on the verge of collapse.

Bootestech offer 1-year contract for maintenance of computer, which can be extended to 3 & 5 years on mutual understanding of both the parties.

Annual Maintenance Contract - No worries about Computer maintenance


1- Routine Maintenance

2- No Labour Charges

3- Free Support

4- Ideal for your business

5- Part replacement

Your computer our pro-active/preventive effort.

What we offer for you under AMC :