What is a Landing Page? Easy Tips to Drive More Traffic

Most websites at first have a very significant landing page. Nevertheless, it should be good-looking and we could able to attach well with the consumers. But it would be best if you focused on improving the traffic and sales with a user-friendly landing page easily. It is our responsibility to boost the traffic and sales with the help of proper outcomes.

Of course, some paid and unpaid channels help you drive traffic to the landing page. It is likely to take part in discovering unique items. When the landing page is ready, the next process is to reach the customers. It is nothing but gaining more traffic. In the modern marketing world, it could generate consistent traffic levels to the user-friendly landing page.

Reach People With Digital Marketing

In the initial stage, a Digital Marketing Company is now connecting well with the customers to reach traffic and sales. They know how to impart the SEO with the landing page. It probably makes the audience take a look at the websites. The landing page may attract visitors to make sure in developing digital marketing services.

Optimize Landing Page With SEO

The most important focal point on using SEO for a landing page is to enhance product responsiveness. Therefore, they probably consider the conversion stage by focusing on the effective landing pages for SEO and help them quickly. However, this is a trickier approach and needs to hire a SEO Company for enhancing sales and boost traffic forever.

 Utilize Paid Search Marketing

Paid search marketing, on the other hand, provides an instant solution to boost traffic levels. First, of course, you can upfront the ads that you want to see in front of the audience. Then, we have to disburse as per the hosting services. With the help of a professional digital marketing agency in Delhi, you can achieve this strategy. They focus on testing strategy and implement the same thing for boosting sales.

Reach Out Influencers

Finally, the business owner should get help from the influencers who supposed to carry out business at a top level. It grabs attention on the landing page by sharing content for them. So, it gets more traffic and boosts sales without any hassles.


To conclude, these steps are very useful for boosting sales and driving traffic to the new landing page. We are at Bootestech Helps you to build your user-friendly landing page for the best search potential. 

To drive massive traffic and generate leads through an impressive Landing Page, that is better to hire a Digital Marketing Company.


Que: What Is Landing Page

Ans: A landing page is a page of your website where you can offer a resource from your business to exchange a visitor’s contact information. It’s majorly designed for online campaigns.

Que: What's the Purpose of Landing Page?

Ans: The main purpose of the landing page is to generate leads by attracting users through online campaigns.

Que: Can we make a Landing Page without a Website?

Ans: A landing page can be a stand-alone page. Because of this, you do not need a website for a landing page.

Que: What is a landing page URL?

Ans: It is the webpage URL where your visitors click & land on your page.

Que: Do landing pages rank on Google?

Ans: It rarely does, but using the right keyword and content can rank your landing page through SEO technique.

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Simple Guide on Hashtags – Everything You Should Know About it

A hashtag is a symbol (#) that people include in their social media posts. So it makes the content of your post accessible to all people with similar topic interests.

For example, if you are a fan of the Apple iPhone12 and planning to buy it. A simple “#iPhone12” search on any social network will open a dedicated news feed of all the latest deals, rumor’s of hacks about it. The results you see on the feed are the aggregated posts of any users who use iPhone12. So hashtags are clickable links on posts you see, and one-click will display a real-time live feed of every other post tagged with the same hashtag.

Where You Can use Hashtags?

1. Twitter

Twitter is the very first social media platform where hashtags are still very prevalent. Twitter helps you deliver target brand messages by helping you organize your tweets. You can join in trending conversations to be viewed on your Twitter page sidebars or at Hashtags.org. In this way, you’ll track hashtags to see which ones are most relevant to your audience.

2. Instagram

The power of hashtags on Instagram can help you increase your reach, eventually leading to an increment in the network of influential brand followers.

If you want to make your photos more discoverable, employ hashtags on this app. Please use at least one hashtag per photo to maximize share.

3. Facebook

The hashtag craze all began on Facebook in June 2013, but it hasn’t worked great for them. Facebook provides a unique URL for every hashtag, and clicking on one will redirect you to its feed. Facebook hashtags in their current form are flawed. It’s far from perfect.

4. Pinterest

Hashtags are supported on this platform and work the same way as mentioned in the other social networks. However, on Pinterest, hashtags in account descriptions, board titles, board descriptions or profile names aren’t clickable. The only place where you can click and search hashtags are in a Pin’s description.

For Creating contests

Engaging the audience before the event is necessary. Create challenges and try to do something different if you want to promote your event. For example, interact with your guests through contests. Creating contests is indirectly the best way to make your event successful. It can also be a great way of giving behind-the-scenes of the event content and blog posts and giveaways. You could also offer discounts or broadcast curated streams using your Twitter hashtag.

By using these tips, you can easily promote your event without spending a dime. Remember, social media can be a powerful tool, and social media promotion for events don’t cost you.

To Get professional Social Media Marketing Agencies strategy consultation. Bootestech is the Best Social Media Marketing Agency to help you with all your digital marketing needs.

Frequently Asked Question’s

Que: What are hashtags

Ans: A hashtag is a keyword symbol (#) that people include in their social media posts. So it makes the content of your post accessible to all people with similar topic interests.

Que: How many hashtags allowed in Instagram Per post

Ans: You can only tag your posts. You can’t tag other people’s photos/videos. You can use up to 30 tags on a post.

Que: What is the point of hashtags?

Ans: Hashtags turn topics and phrases into clickable links in your posts on your personal timeline, Page or groups. It helps people to find posts about topics they’re interested in.

Que: What are the most popular hashtags on Instagram?

Ans: #photooftheday #instagood #nofilter #tbt #igers #picoftheday #love #nature #swag #lifeisgood #caseofthemondays #instapic #instadaily, These are The Most Popular hashtags used On Social Media.

Que: How do I create my own hashtag on Facebook?

Ans: To create your hashtag, use a word or a set of words related to your content or product or anything you will post. Like #Example, #newphone, #iphonegift, #bithdaygiftiphone, etc.

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10 Best Social Media Marketing Tips For 2021

1. Select your Goal

One of the only significant problems many businesses face in social media is that they need never spent the timeline relevant and realistic Social Media Marketing goals. They know they have to get on social media but haven’t any idea why they’re there.

2. Proper Study of Social Media Audience

Not all social media audiences are alike. Differing types of individuals use social media in varying ways. If you’re getting to meet your goals, you would like to be using an equivalent social media networks as your audience. Similarly, if you plan to interact in influencer marketing, you would like to make sure that you engage influencers whose audience matches your target market.

3. Define Social Media Networks for Your Audience

Some people worry about how they’re going to find the time and energy to work accounts on every social network. In most cases, you don’t have to. You merely got to find the proper social networks for your Business. you would like to get the social networks where your intended audience spends

their time.

4. Learn from Your Competitors

You’ll usually have competitors who also will run a social strategy. You’ll get to know what they’re doing. Like-

  • What’s their focus? 
  • Whom are they targeting? 
  • What key phrases are they trying to dominate? 

You can quickly conduct a competitor analysis to assist you better understand their strengths and weaknesses. In addition, it could offer you a far better understanding of what potential customers expect from businesses in your industry.

5. Content Is King

Of course, to achieve success on social media, you’ll need high-quality content to share. Unfortunately, one of the most serious mistakes that companies make is to share excessive promotion. Remember, social networks are designed to be social – they were never intended to be a marketplace for you to sell your products. It is probably the most significant reason that the majority of influencers gain that status. They know their audience well and make the right content to interest their followers. As a brand, you would like to try an equivalent.

6. Set Up Your Accounts Before Create and Promote Content

You must set your accounts up correctly. You’ll need a constant visual lookout on all of your social channels. Use the right colours, logos, and similar graphics on each network. Don’t waste any of your social lands. Instead, take the time to fill in your bios and profiles fully. Confirm that you link to relevant places, maybe even create specific landing pages on your website for people who click through your social accounts.

7. Establish the simplest Times to Post

While you’ll manually make all of your social posts, that’s inefficient and should not cause the simplest results. Most of the social networks now use some algorithm to filter the results they provide people. It suggests that if you post at a special time when your audience is online, they’ll never see your content.

8. Create Suitable Content

Don’t forget the importance of images and videos. Visual content is quite 40 times more likely to be shared on social media than other sorts of content. Instagram has rapidly grown in importance over the previous couple of years, and it’s a big visual focus. 

How is Content Marketing Crucial for SEO?

Top brands on Instagram report a for each adherent commitment pace of 4.21%. That’s 58 times above on Facebook and 120 times above on Twitter. Bootestech, an Digital Marketing Company, allow you to manage appropriate keywords that the users on the search engine frequently use.

9. Promote Your Social Channels & Engage together with your Audiences

Although good content will ultimately sell your social channels, you continue to gain your initial following. People need to find your channels before they will prefer to follow you. You can promote your channels in various ways, some highly visible, others more subtly.

Individuals don’t simply go onto informal communities to peruse, take a gander at, or watch content. They are going online to interact with people and to be social. Likewise, successful businesses don’t just broadcast to their social audiences. They engage with them too.

10. Consider Working with Influencers to Widen Your Reach

We understand the benefits of working with influencers and interested in influencer marketing. If you decide on the right influencers, you’ve got the prospect to succeed in an entirely new audience, who will hopefully be interested in your business and its products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que: What Is Social Media?

Ans: It is simply websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or participate in social networking.

Que: Which Are the Different Types of Social Media Major Platforms?

Ans: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube, Snapchat, etc.

Que: which social media platform is best for B2B Business Lead generation?

Ans: LinkedIn as the preferable Platform for B2B Lead generation, approx. 80% Leads Are Generated Through LinkedIn.

Que: what Is the Benefit of Using Social Media for Business?

Ans: Social media can help your business attract customers, get customer feedback, & build customer loyalty. Increase your market reach, including international markets. Do market research & reduce marketing costs.

Que: Why Do Consumers use Social media?

Ans: According to the survey, the main reason consumers follow a brand on social media is for helpful information related to a hobby (26%), followed by product information (25%) or funny or interesting content (21%).

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B2B Lead Generation Digital Marketing Strategies

Most of the Businesses increasing their marketing Budget post COVID-19, but some of them are unaware about best digital marketing strategies for lead generation, here we described some of the strategies.

Check Out Our B2B Strategies for Lead generation.

A Best Website

When you planning to connect your potential users digitally, then a best website is the starting point. The homepage reflects your business image. It’s recommended to have a visually great webpage as users like aesthetic things to see. Website should have great user interface and mobile friendly with good loading time.

Quality Content

A general Saying in digital world “Content is the King.” Well, planned content can be generate potential traffic and useful for lead generation. Good quality content requires handwork and proper data analysis.


Start a blog which covers trending topic and generate traffic for your post ultimately your site visitors are aware about your business Blogs help generate leads and traffic, but sometimes they might not convert into great business results. With well-planned trending blog to your niche generate traffic and converts prospects into potential leads.

Qualitative Backlinks

Main factor for SEO purpose, backlinks! It can be generated vis guest posting, social media promotion, article submission etc

E-mail Marketing Strategies

Catchy and attractive e mail marketing campaigns can generate lots of subscribers for your content which ultimately turns into your client base. Best short subject line content for email can trigger user’s response towards your campaign.

Be Part of Online Groups & Communities

Online groups & communities are useful for lead. Check group or communities’ rules before posting your content. You can find online communities on many platforms, like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Reddit. Find a group that is relevant to your services or niche. Before doing this activity, make sure it is not spam. Then start with commenting, posts, ask questions, and connect directly with users. You will find a lot of potential customers there.

Google Ads

Google search ads is the best process to generate leads quickly. Goal based google search ads help in converting the prospecting customers into leads. You should use online strategy for – Targeting, Tracking, and Time.

Social Media Ads

Popular social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram can be a best source for B2B lead generation. You can be as creative as you want on the social media ads. With proper CTA you can target your target customer with demographic and user behaviour.

Bootestech is a digital marketing agency that will help you for B2B lead generation. We help you to grow your business brand value by 65%. With proper planning and strategy, we will generate positive customer attention towards your business through online marketing techniques.

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Why LinkedIn Influencer Marketing Matters for Brands in 2021?

  1. Survival in Market Competition

Most of Your competitors might be already using influencers in their marketing strategy. According to survey, 70% of marketers are using influencers as a marketing tool and 45% plan to increase spending on it in the next year. It’s easy insight of influencer marketing has increased tremendously in recent years due to the growth and impact of social media on online users.

2. Brand Credibility Increment

The Major factor for Influencer marketing is trust and loyalty that social media influencers establish with their audiences. According to data 90% of buyers trust on influencers for their brand purchase. dramatical changes in market will be shown with these LinkedIn influencers marketing strategies in 2021

 3. Trending Content for Brand.

Companies appoint peoples for content creation which attract potential customers. Most of the plans play around content strategy. With use of social media’s marketing technique power of brand increasing exponentially, companies need content which goes viral. Influencers plays a vital role and simplify this process. Content generated by LinkedIn influencers impress corporate world and create positive impact on users. If we used product testimonial, product review it also impacted instead of tele ads.

 4.Reach, Awareness & Engagement

Companies, brand, product or services need all of the things on digital platform which mentioned in point. After these you can strategies your digital activity for reach, awareness & engagement through LinkedIn Influencer marketing by professional way for long term effect and brand value increment. Without any influencing or creative content this activity totally impossible. Its create buzz amongst customers and makes brand more popular.

 5. Organic Search Engine Ranking Improvement

Planning with LinkedIn Influencing not only improve Brand value but also Create positive impact on user search trend for your brand more will be the searches more will be search engine trust. You can also use blog post through influencer to generate more traffic on your Brand. This can result in generating high-quality backlinks to your website, which improves your SEO ranking. Backlinks are a essential component of any SEO strategy.

  6. Lead Generation.

The Ultimate Goal of Any company is lead generation and convert that leads into sales. So, influencers are essential to converting your prospects into customers. With strategic planning continuous effort and implementation above needs will be fulfil for long term impact.

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Top 6 Business Benefits from Google Ads, PPC Or Pay per Click Advertisements

After long years of PPC campaign experience and a team of PPC experts from Bootestech find the valuable benefits of PPC Here we describe the Most useful Benefits of using PPC.

1- PPC Achieve to Business Goals

With the use of PPC advertising. PPC can contribute to achieving a number of business and marketing goals. These goals include brand awareness, lead generation, or e-commerce sales.

2- Easily Measurable & Trackable PPC ads

The benefit of PPC advertising run through Google Ads is that it’s easy to measure and track. Simply use the Google Ads insight in combination with Google Analytics. You can get insight into impressions, clicks, and conversions.

3- Quick Decisions

Even if you’re far behind your competitors on decide on PPC marketing, you can get up and running quickly with small optimization. Without so much SEO effort, which takes a lot of time to rank in organic positioning.

4- Goal & Budget Specific

You ultimately have control over a wide range of Goal options for how you reach potential customers. This starts with the keywords or placements you choose to target. You also have budget flexibility if you want to start from small. You can set your ad budget and bids, and can choose how much you’re willing to spend.

5- PPC Integration with content Marketing

Content marketing plays a major role in the Digital Marketing world. With the investment in Generating original and unique content to Help the customer buying process and establish brand positioning & value, Google Ads can drive visitors to content quicker and improve the ROI on your content investment.

6- Best Target Options

Google has the best targeting options which work on the search behavior of users. This ranges from target keywords through text ads, to running ads through remarketing based on their past behaviors or focusing on specific audience demographics on the display network.


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Influencer Marketing on World’s Largest Professional Network LinkedIn

The main idea behind LinkedIn influencer marketing is that grow in your networks, expand your influence, and maximize sales by using the right influencer for the right goal of marketing with the right engaging content.


Generally, the LinkedIn profile makes connections but not converts these connections into the profitable market, through these LinkedIn influencer marketing techniques we can use our data content more engaging and converting into sales closings just putting influencer sharing activity and can generate more traffic to your website, content, and product.


The professionals’ platform LinkedIn, however, is now proving to be the best space for influencers in the B2B activity. Given that LinkedIn is known for its focus on business communities, influencers, connections on LinkedIn considered skilled experts which is a resource for companies who wish to hit the right mark with the right audience.


The general idea behind influencer selection is to find your target niche and select the influencer according to niche who can be best suited for our marketing purpose and can generate maximum impact on our content and evaluate the goal. So, the keyword research, niche research has to be done for your business industry and generation of content will be done according to planned strategy for selection of influencer on the LinkedIn platform there are many of leaders and influencers are available for every industry on this platform. Apart from that, you can assign your influencer a discount coupon code to avail offer their audiences. Not only is this a way of attracting new customers, but it also helps you track the conversion rate of your influencer’s activity.


Putting visibility, best content, true testimonials, And, depending on the influencer activity, can also gain great unique content. A recommendation by a B2B influencer for a product or service is not only worth more to many but can also lead to high sales traffic and engagement.

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Modern & Dynamic Website Design Elements

Attractive, Catchy & Big Typography.

Statistics show that average users give about 10 seconds to a web page. So, with big-sized text, you need to make valuable & users sticky to grab their attention on a web page.
Typography should be adhering to your brand image. It will decide what type of business or brand you are. The typography you selected also needs to be browsers friendly, devices, and operating systems suited.


The image contained in a website is a broad banner image that is Focused in front arranged on the webpage. Website designer from website design company have noticed that these images can immediately draw user attention and give them the freedom to scroll down for more information (user’s attention-grabbing)

Color code choice

Colors catch eye attention so color schemes and color usage are important when talking about modern, trendy dynamic web design. An influential color will help build brand image among all the content you put on the website.
 the choice of your design makes it easier for users to focus. You can see big brands make color choices more attending.

Animation & Video

Best small Animation & video on your website can immediately improve its chances for traffic generation. It also reduces the chances of text explanation & will be easy to understand users.
User more focuses on an easy understanding of content and we can give them the best-designed video which will increase your brand understanding and visibility.

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